Wanted: isis cranks with higher q factor

Just like the title says, I’d like some cranks with a q factor higher than zero. I like the dual hole KH Spirits but I don’t like the sizes available currently. I’m looking for 150mm minimum. I think the best would be a 165mm single hole crank that I can drill out myself, giving me the most options available. I’m interested in anything at least 150mm with a higher q factor. I’m in California and can paypal payment.

I know they’re on the shorter end of what you want, but I have KH Spirit (polished) 127/150mm, ISIS splined, disc brake compatible to sell. From NC

You can use ISIS cranks that are available for Bosch E Bikes. They are available in lengths of 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm. Just google it, you will definitely find something


Oh, great tip! I had no idea about the ebike cranks. Looks like exactly what I need.

Considering I know how to drill and tap, is there any reason not to get 170mm arms and drill 4 holes in them? Will the extra length cause any problem when I’m in the shortest setting? I saw someone a comment on a post from years ago mention arms that allow the pedal to slide up and down the arm and lock into place wherever you want them. That sounds awesome.

The extra length shouldn’t be an issue. Nimbus makes three hole VCX+ isis cranks similar to what you describe. As for the sliding pedals in cranks, a friend and I have theorized about this a lot but the amount of force that pedals see would probably make everything sketchy and if something goes wrong with a pedal then a lot of problems can happen really fast.

I think the only difficulty there is getting a left hand thread tap, but they’re not that rare.

I haven’t done much riding on multihole cranks, but it seems to be the consensus here that they rarely pose a problem.

The extra length in not a problem for me. I use the drilled and taped 109mm hole and the longest is 150mm.

Park Tool sells a set of 9/16-20 taps. They say that are not recommended for cutting new threads but at least in aluminum they work very well.

This would be ideal for me. The less holes I have to drill, the better. Do you find yourself ever wanting something longer than 150mm?

No, all my 36er riding has been either the 127mm or now 100% 109mm. I tried 150mm once and it was too awkward and slow.

On my 24" I cut down some some 170mm cranks to 125mm for the same reason. The longer cranks are too much like just plain walking.

I’ll be putting them on a 29 Nimbus muni. I plan to do plenty or climbing on road and off. I’m thinking that the 150 will be long enough for this.

I have a more road suitable 29 that I tried 150 with and it was very awkward especially on flats. The 114s have been much better.

UDC has some 75mm venture cranks on sale for 30 bucks. I think I might try them out just for fun!

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