Wanted - ISIS 32h hub / Steel nimbus 29" frame

Might be a long shot, but these are gone everywhere.

Looking for a 32 hole ISIS hub, without disc.

Also looking for a nimbus 29" steel frame.

I have a 29” steel Nimbus frame.

Has some rust where my shim guards rubbed the paint off.

Bearing holders filed to fit a schlumpf.

Also have a matching seatpost clamp.

Hey! I’m selling a Nimbus Venture! It’s a 29" frame but has a 28" tire in it.

I appreciate it, I checked the bearings on the freewheel I’m trying to use and they are 13mm wide, not 12mm, so it turns out they only fit in the cheap stamped bearing holders, not the forged ones on nicer frames. So I’m back to the drawing board for now trying to find a frame or weld one up myself.

Can you not change the bearings on the free wheel hub to match up with your current frame?

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