Wanted: Info on Surly parts.

So… I am attending a full day Co-Op class at Advanced Welding Technique, I will have my welding Certification in June. So hopefully will have some money this summer to build up a Muni.

I can’t for the life of me find anywhere to buy Surly parts.

I know there is a big list on the Surly website… but I am lazy and don’t want to search through 50 states and Canada… I’m a Google type of guy.

I would like to know any online retailers, ones with the lowest prices on Surly parts obviously.

So if anyone has any used 26" Surly Large Marge rims (Preferably the XC drilled one), an Endomorph, or a Conundrum frame, let me know! I have a little bit of money saved right now, I don’t plan on spending it… unless I can get the parts I want.

almost every bike shop carries surley, or can get them
so long as they have QBP
Quality bicycle products
95% do.

All the bike shops around me are closed Monday’s…

Tomorrow I will ride around for a bit looking for parts.

monday is a traditional riding day. all of the real shops are closed


surly’s parts are good solid stuff, if a bit heavy. 4130 ain’t exactly light, but that’s not really the point. the LM is one of the few rims you get anywhere close to that size, same with the endomorph, and short of a custom frame the conundrum.


I didn’t think the Conundrum frame was that expensive… maybe I will build one at my welding school… out of Aluminum, or if it’s not too expensive… Titanium, because I’m cool like that and I’ll be doing lots of TIG.

Guess I would have to phone or e-mail them to order anything I want… all they have is complete wheels and other parts I don’t need.

Dear Dan Borgschulze,

Large Marge $165
Endomorph Tire $94.98
Conundrum Unicycle Frame- we dont stock this.
All of this information is available on our website.

Thank you for writing!

Ouch, AE Bikes was quite a bit cheaper… at $120~ for the XC Large Marge, and I think less than $80 for the Endomorph.

Well, I went to two shops in my area, and phoned one by Trials_Uni’s place… none of them can even order Surly parts.

Time to phone some places in the big ol’ Phone book.

Ok, the ONLY bike shop in my city that sells ANY Surly parts.

Large Marge DH 26" is… $140 CAD + Tax
Endomorph is $130 CAD + Tax

I hope to hell someone has a used Large Marge they will sell me before I conjure up enough money to buy that new. I probably won’t buy the tire, since tires wear out quicker than a rim… Gazzalodi or IRC Kujo are my next choices.

Rim - $90

Tire - $78

Yes… that’s USD. After conversion, shipping, and duty, it will cost more than paying the $140 + Tax.

I dont care what you get or where you get it as long as you have a muni by the summer so we can tear it up on our crappy hamilton trails.

I’m like 90% sure that I’m going to build a jig and make a custom Aluminum Conundrum frame… that’s rediculous… $260 for a CrMo frame USD! If it was Aluminum I would understand…

I’ll buy the rim first, by then I should know if I want the tire or not. If I choose to not get the tire then I have to figure out if there is a cheaper frame out there that will work with brakes on a Large Marge.

You can use a KH frame with a LM rim with these brake adapters.

edit: Oh I think you were looking for a 26", that’s a 24" Large Marge setup.

Yeah… I like those brake extenders, but don’t you pretty much have to use a custom brake booster so you don’t rip the brake mounts off of the frame by accident?

No, they work well as they are. They are quite strong, and with a 2 point mounting system you don’t need boosters. A number of people are using them, and I haven’t heard of any failures. I’m 200 lbs and have put alot of force on them with no negative effect.

If I end up just buying a KH frame, I will buy those if you still have them.