[Wanted] HS33 Magura brake

Looking for a HS33 Magura brake in the UK for the 36" im
getting, Iff anybody has one that you dont need let me know.
Im looking to spend around £40 but im open to negotiation.

ebay is your friend, bought two working pairs for £12 each in the last few years

and does it matter iff you buy front or rear?

I’d say look for a front one, because if you get a rear one and havn’t the gear needed to cut, re-fit and bleed the system, then the excess hose will be annoying.

Ok thanks.

the front hose may not be long enough if you have your brake handle mounted on a T7, mine wasn’t. In this case a rear brake is more advisable.

yer i was thinking about getting a second hand
rear and cut it down and bleed it iff i need to.

if you know some trial bikers buy one off them they always seem to have millions of spares and a broken HS33 to a trial biker is a perfect one for a unicyclist…

Trialsforum.co.uk is a good place to look too you can get them for about £25 inc postage

There are usually pairs going on ebay for cheap if you want a rear i will take the front one off your hands


yeah get on trials-forum.co.uk do you want 05+ or old style i know of someone selling a set of raceline maggys http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=125430 no hosing though so if you tell me what colour you want i’ll suply whatever size hosing you need and if you can’t bleed the brake as trials rider myself i’ve bled many a brakes myself… or aslong as you have a tub and a tap bath bleed it, theres some tutorials on the site on the wiki page. sorry for the long post not feeling to well haha

I am still a pre member or something so I cant post in the FS forum

yeah want me to drop you a line =] how much you willing to put your $$ in for? personally i’d say about 25squiders as he wont accept 20 and the lever are like brand new plus who doesn’t love raceline? email me if your interested and i’ll sort things out for youward_616@hotmail.co.uk i’m off to school soonish but if you email me by then i’ll pm him as soon as i get home