WANTED: High Roller 24x2.7 (or 2.5)

Anyone have one of these 24” tyres going spare? :grinning:

You looking for a spares :wink::shushing_face:

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Errr yes. If they’re out there and not being used :crossed_fingers::sunglasses:

Are they any good now then ? I used to use them doing MTB downhill and they were absolutely awful!

To me. It’s excellent but it’s personal.

I’d heard the Ardent 26x2.6” had a bad rap - I disregarded this, got one and was blown away by how great it was.

In short, sometimes what you like no one else does - my gut was the same with the 24x2.7” High Roller.

I hadn’t read much about it. But it’s ACE.

Now I’ve waxed lyrical about it, this wanted ad probably won’t get any replies - unless of course the seller hates theirs. In which case - win-win.

There’s just something that feels “better quality” about older Maxxis tyres. New ones are good but not as solid feeling as the older generation.

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