WANTED: Handles

UDC is out of GB handles, so I’m seeing if someone is selling their GB or similarly styled (ie for long distance riding) handles.

I don’t have one, but scott wallis makes a similar long distance coker handle that looks nicer. It’s called the V-grip handle

Unfortunately it also costs far more. Guess I left out that I’m looking for something that both works as well and costs about the same (or less of course)

hmmm, this perhaps?

Those are one-handed handles for muni/trials. I’m looking for distance handles.

they work well for distance too. did you check the GB4 site if they had them?

UDC is the only dealer of GB4

also george is living in a tiny aptartment in denver so he’s not making more at the moment.

i might have one laying around, i think it’s a R hand. ill post if i do.

he’s looking for a two handed one for distance, but i’d be interested in the R handed single one.

This is one that you can make yourself…It looks pretty simple and inexpensive to make.

what kind of handle is that? not the 2 handed one, the one thats on the seat.

Kinport…It fits the Miyata style bases.

thanks, how good are they for trials/street?

Dont kno…Ive never used one.

Now that’s an idea. Would you happen you happen to know what components that uses, as if I do something like that it would have to be using an odd configuration of off-the-shelf parts.

Sorry. I dont…It is in JC’s Coker gallery i belive…If you follow links in that link i gave you, you should be able to find some more pics.

so handles help?


i got two extras handle from udc here…
but sorry i cant sell it…
need to put it on my old seats