Wanted: good quality adult Uni

My nephew is 6’5" and still growing.
Last summer he got into unicycling and purchased a decent beginner uni. He rode it hard all summer and the gears gave out after a couple of months. He is begging his parents for a good unicycle that will hold up to his size and constant use, but they just can’t afford it.

I saw the post here where pkittle kindly pointed out a good buy on eBay for a good uni. If anyone spots a good deal again, could they please reply to this post or pm me?

There are so many crappy uni’s being sold as good quality, I just don’t know enough about 'em not to get screwed.

We are in Ontario Canada, so something closer to home where shipping wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg would be great.

Also, I am considering getting him either an impossible wheel, or an ultimate wheel. If you happen to know of a good deal on one of those… you can send that knowledge my way too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/recommendations/watchful eyes :slight_smile:

Bedford Unicycles is in Toronto. You could send Darren an email and I am sure he could recommend/sell you something good. Depending on what you want you can keep an eye on ebay and get something cheap.

If you want a BC/impossible wheel in Ontario then definately check out Bedford.
Here is a picture of my Bedford BC wheel. It is really nice.


Thanks for the tip about Bedford. They seem to have positive feedback on this forum. I’ve emailed Darren for more info.

I’ve been reading about uni’s for “trials”, “cross country”, “flat”, “munis”, etc. and I’m not sure what the best bet would be for my nephew. Anybody got any suggestions… ?

I’m looking for a uni for my nephew who is 6’6" and still growing. Slim, but muscular, probably about 175lb (just a guess though).

He bought his first uni at a bike shop this summer. Paid $250 and spent the summer on it, and wore it out. He was crushed when it broke. We don’t have any mountains around here, so it is mostly for street riding. I think he would like to get into more trick riding and commute around town on it.

The new uni would need to be big enough for his height and strong enough to take near constant use, plus do stuff like jump curbs and carry someone on his shoulders.

Any recommendations for the type of uni that would work best for him, as well as wheel size recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

it really depends about what he wants to be doing.

with his height, I think a 24" would definantly best, and if he is into doing trials(jumps, hops, and skinnies) or muni (mountain unicycling) a unicycle like the Torker DX 24" would be good. It is $250, splined, and very strong.

It really depends on what his price range is.

I’ve read some positive comments on this board about the Torker DX as a rugged machine for a good price.

How does the Bedford uni’s compare to the DX? Are there any comparable ones? I’m not sure what category it would be in on their online catalogue - “cross country” perhaps? or the 24" FREESTYLE/OFF-ROAD? or SEMCYCLE DELUXE?

(I guess I’m looking for a good tough 24" at reasonable prices for primarily street use. Gotta be under $400 including delivery charges - of course, the better the deal the happier I’ll be ;o)

well the bedford unis are great but for a splined uni it’ll cost you more (probably around double) the cost of the DX…