[WANTED][EUROPE] Straight 137-140mm ISIS cranks

Hello there :wave:

I’m looking for a set of ISIS cranks between 137 and 140 mm, located in Europe. I already have some 117/137 KH Spirit cranks, but I’d like to give a try to straight cranks instead. If they happen to have a second hole around 155, that’d be amazing - but I don’t think such cranks exist :stuck_out_tongue:


There is something quite close in Italy… (110 - 129 - 148)

Yes, I have finally decided to connect here (and there is a schlumpf on sell, I don’t thank you)

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I know. But a difference of 8 mm is way too much for me :wink:

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:thinking: it has been bugging me that technically, the combo 137/155 or 140/155 is a bit unheard of. And worst, there is no 155mm single-hole ISIS cranks that you could try to machine down with a second hole.
The closest would be some 137/165 spirit but we are beyond the +8mm threshold and the VCX or spirit in 125/150 too.

Good luck with your quest of 137mm cranks :wink:

Are you sure? :grin:

But you’re right: no unicycle-oriented 155mm ISIS cranks. And I’m not sure the Hope cranks can be machined down to a second hole. However, there are a few other references. I should go through all of them and see if they can fit :eyes:


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