[WANTED][Europe] Naomi saddle cover

Hi everybody,

My trusted Impact Naomi saddle is going strong except for its cover betraying its age:

I searched most of the usual uni sites and realized that replacement covers have disappeared from the face of the earth (or are no longer listed). At the moment, I am trying to fit a Fusion Street cover I had laying around but it fits like borrowing somebody else’s clothes.

If anybody has a spare cover or knows where to source one, let me know :slight_smile:


Lots of life left, by my standards!


@Siddhartha_Valmont sent you a message. I know the perfect person for this but I don’t think he’s on the forum.

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I found that it seems unicycle.com_China still have some.

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Thanks for the heads up. However, my chinese skills are too inexistant to be able to tell if there is a shipping option worldwide (I can put in the basket but Google translate does not let me click when browsing the translation) :frowning:

Mark Fabian makes custom covers (not sure what the best way to contact him is, he is @markfabz on instagram), he may be your best bet, as I’m pretty sure that unfortunately those covers degrade mainly due to age, not use…


They have English site, but it seems they only ship to China and Hongkong. You may try to send them amail to see if they would like to ship to Europe.

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Thanks @Syoten for the additional information. I will see if they do exception with shipping.

Thanls @finnspin. I received his name and FB link by PM. Now, the challenge will be to find somebody with a FB or Insta account to jump into a production batch…

I found Korean Unicycle.com also have that and it seems they ship to Europe. But the shipping is higher than the saddle cover if you only buy this item.
Impact Naomi Unicycle Saddle Cover

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