Wanted- EB BC plates

Im looking for some EB bc plates, preferably with the grip strips for hopping, but I can always just weld one on. I’d like them in north america (Canada is best)

Only one person has the one with grip strips (lip) and thats danni. and he just bought them so he wont want to sell them, the rest have old crappy bolts.

Ya I rode his so i want them, but I can always weld some on.

i can make you grip strips that fit over your bolts, if you’d like.

hit me up a PM if you’d want some.

First i need the plates though

Seems that you have access to a welder… why not just make some? Surely if you have access to a welder, you also have access to a chop saw and a drill press.

I sort of have access to a welder. I can get to one, but its not mine. I have to get driven about an hour away if he’ll let me use it (my dads friend). so I would rather just buy the plates the grip strip no longer matters to me right now.

Weld on your gripstrip. Attatching it to the bolt isnt as good, and the whole purpose is great grip, its better if you put your foot on the plate, lay the strip on the top of your foot, and mark it with a sharpie. then weld it on.

Don’t forget to clamp it… stuff moves when you tack stuff in place…

Yes yes, lots of clamps.

I’m gonna try and make my own, but I would still rather buy

true. Mine just happen to be easier, and removeable, and they coincidentally fit really snug on all of my shoes.
so yeah.
welding would be nice, if you don’t, i can make you some strips.

elementary, my dear walkman

OK so i guess no one has any plates. I’m gonna attempt to make some- How wide should the piece that the bolt goes through be?

If your plate is 4" wide, take the size tubing you are using, subract it twice from 4" and thats the size plate you should use.

Ive got my metal cut, now I just need to find a welder lol :roll_eyes:

I will put some pics up once i get them welded

hey nice, i am in exactly the same place, cept im lucky cos i have a welder. can wait to se how yours turned out.

oh an what dimensions are you using?