[Wanted] Crank - Where to buy in UK?

Oups i forgot to mention 90mm freestyle crank.
Where can I found them? Any website or dealer’s?

Unicycle.co.uk is a great place for such things.


Yes… but no.
I don’t see any 90mm there. I just send them an e-mail to know if they’ve got some good ones.

I don’t know much about freestyle riding, but there are 90mm here that might work.

Thanks for your help but I didn’t precise.

I’m looking for 90mm isis crank.
I will not downgrade to square axle for having 90mm crank will be a bit…
And I’ve got the confirmation by unicyclist.co.uk that they don’t hide some unlisted ones :frowning:

Anyone know where to food worldwide delivered crank like that?


Your probably true I don’t found any :frowning:

Apart the 90mm, alu light reinforced, koxx one on www.cdk.fr but I’m not sure about compatibility koxx-one isis and other isis there quiet not right I think.


k1 cranks will fit ok. Just press harder and you’ll need the K1 bolt not the KH bolt. Thats if you have a kh moment. Otherwise I recon it will, but well who knows!

If you contact roger he does custom sized cranks sometimes.