wanted crank arms for a 24 torker

not looking for any thing fancy i just striped the threads out of the left side and want to get up and running again. factory ones or after market one are fine. just dont want to spend a boat load of money. in IL usa

Weird the exact same thing happened to me last weekend. Now I am riding my wife’s 20" till I buy some new ones. Also only the left stripped out on me.

i’ve had problems with torkers too. it seems that its always the left crank that gets stripped.

sorry for the threadjack;)

Are you guys keeping your pedals tight and making sure you aren’t riding it with the wheel backwards? There should be no reason for the threads to strip out otherwise - especially on a DX.

i got some, $40 and you pay shipping?

bought a set from unicycle.com for like 12 bucks thanks anyways. i think mine striped out from droping it so much, its the uni that i learned on

ya when i drop my balls like move around…

sorry i thought you wanted splined ones