[Wanted] coker rim/wheelset

Yup. I want a coker, but not just any coker. I only want the wheelset, because i want to make my own frame. I’ve been itching for something to do for the last week or two, and i think this is it.

Are you willing to pay shipping from the UK? A friend of mine has a never used coker wheelset sitting in his garage.

As Dave mentioned, I have a brand new wheelset in my garage. No tyre or inner tube - just the rim, spokes, hub & cranks. I’ll consider any offer for it.

I was unusual in that I wanted to upgrade the wheelset and keep the original frame, as it’s shiny and curvaceous. It’s a shame you didn’t want yours as the same time as me, because you could have sent me the original frame and it would have been a perfect arrangement. Oh well!

I have to say, I strongly recommend getting an Airfoil rim and a wide flange hub. It will be stronger and lighter.

how much would be a reasonable offer? and how much would shipping be to 96162 Truckee CA, USA?

I’ve sent off for a quotation for shipping by sea freight, as the cost of airmail would be about the same as a whole new Coker. The price I offered it to my friends for was £40 (roughly $70) but as shipping will probably be quite a lot and there’s clearly not a market for it in Britain I’ll take £30. Any less than that & it’s not worth the time & effort it will take me to send it.

Wheelset: £30.00
Shipping cost: £94.94 (This is door to door by airmail - much lower than I expected. Still waiting for sea freight quotation.)
Total by airmail: £124.94 ~ $220 including paypal fees

I’ll be upgrading to an airfoil by spring if you haven’t found one by then check with me.

Seamail is more expensive because their minimum charge is for 1 cubic metre or 200kg.

I’ll be happy to sell you my wheelset for the price above, but I would recommend you get an airfoil, which is cheaper, lighter and stronger.

When people buy Cokers, what they’re really after is that tyre, which is the best feature on it. The next best thing IMHO is the frame and after that the wheelset, which is the first thing that most people upgrade. I’ve never heard of anyone upgrading their frame before their wheelset before.

I’ll take $100 plus shipping for my stock wheelset, but you must act soon because I need a replacement ASAP if I sell it. I also would like to upgrade to airfoil. Oh, it’s in perfect true (no thanks to UDC) but with minor scratches on the rim. No rust.