Wanted:Coker Frame

does anyone have any Coker frames for sale, or know where i can get one for around $50 or less? i want the stock frame if anyone has any. thank you.

no but you can have me make you a custom one!!!:smiley:

how much?

depends on what kind of metal,shape,mounts(if any) and other things.

e-mail me at byrnetown@aol.com

Three words: Cash On Delivery

Caveat Emptor

That can’t be stressed enough. Don’t pay this kid or make any deals until you’ve seen the quality of his metalwork. Frame making is NOT easy, and is not something that can just happen. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience (in regards to frame making).

A unicrown frame will be harder to make than a yuni style one in this case. i don’t know if Evan has the metalworking tools to warp standard 7/8" steel tubing in the way a stock coker frame is built.

oh yes i have the tools to do just about anything in metal.

pipe benders,welders,grinders,milling machines, lathes, drill presses, you name it.

gerbel is just insulted that someone younger than him can do what he can do and even better!!!

and if the frame breaks/bends under normal abuce i will replace it/ refund your money!

Just like you made a bc wheel with “4130 aircraft grade steel” that turned out to be crappy steel (not chromoly) or wrought iron plate?

The word is insinuated, first of all. Secondly, I don’t have an age superiority complex (although you have proven yourself to be pretty immature inthe past, not to say that noone ever hasn’t), so don’t act like I do, if you even know what that meant. Third, I don’t care how good you are at metal working, if you can’t come up with a good design, the best machinist in the world won’t be able to make the frame a reality.

But back to age, I’ve never met a 13 year old who has the design, engineering, or metalworking experience to build a srong, light, effective coker frame. Especially someone who doesn’t even know how to spell “abuse”. Also, I never said how well I could make a frame, although I can guarantee you that the frames I am building right now are well beyond what you could design and build. I’m curious, Evan, can you tell me what the radius I would have to use on a flycutter if I wanted to cut a bearing holder on a frame with an outside lip depth of 3/32" for a 40mm bearing? Then tell me what the radius would have to be for the actualy bearing seat. And I want that measurement in inches, thank you. If you can tell me that, I will believe you might be able to build a good frame, but if you can’t, you’ll never have one done.

Shadowuni would be a pretty dumb person to accept the refund policy of a 13 year old. I am 16, and have far more monetary experience than you, Evan, and I still wouldn’t be able to say I am resonsible enough with money to guarantee somone a refund if their frame broke. Also, it doesn’t take much time to find the thread where you offer to buy Jag’s frame and end up saying that you’d need a loan from mommy to buy it. Shadowuni would be better off just burning the cash, to save himself the stress of dealing with you.

hehehehe I got him mad!!!:smiley: :smiley:

ladies, handbags at ten paces

or take it to PM’s till u got this thing sorted out?

maybe there can be a frame-building competition at the next UNICON so u can settle this once and for all?

good idea!!! i am all for it!!!

Beven, for once you are so RIGHT!!! Total uni, I have built coker frames and it is DAM hard. I used united Bearing holders, and 4130 chromoly ( I think thats what its called). Were do you have all these tools? My dad owns a body shop and I have access to 2 mig welders, 1 tig welder, 1 drill press, 1 sheet metal bender, 2 air gas torches, 1 horizontal band saw, and 1 plasma cutter. were did you learn to use these tools? you are in 7th or 8 th grade so you didnt take a metal shop class. lets see a pic of all your tools or the shop there in. then I will believe you. oh ya, I wouldnt make beven mad because he’s liken Bruse lee when people Piss him off. Hope you guy’s dont end up at the same convetion together!!

well “we” have a lincon 110 welder (soon to be a tig) a metal cut off saw, bench grinder, aluminum band saw and our new toy, a logan 320 lathe with 5" swing.

thats what “we” have but we tons of friends down at the air port where we keep our planes and they have lathes, milling machines, welders galore, and many other use fiull metal working machines.


edit: and “we” have a drill press

I wonna see a PHOTO!!

of what?!?!?!?!

Re: Wanted:Coker Frame

total uni wrote:
> of what?!?!?!?!

Pictures of all your tools to weld the frame together. silly

Tim Braun

Jagur’s my main man.

the welder?

Total, i thought you might like to know that I was not mad at you. Maybe if you went to a real school rather than a home school you would understand what it means to have someone mad at you (not to say home schooling is all bad, but in this case it doesn’t seem good).

Your tools aren’t anywhere near enough to make a frame. How would you bend the steel tubing. And don’t tell me with a vise, because that will kink it and severely weaken it. Noone would be dumb enough to let you use their tools at the airport. Airport workers have a hard enough time keeping their jobs, and they’d lose everything if you got to use their tools. What do you think happens when you accidentally leave the key in the chuck when you turn on the $15,000 toolroom lathe they have sitting around there. That chuck alone would cost more to fix than you’ve ever spent in you life. That would mean the airport worker’s butt would be on the line. Noone is gonna be a good enough friend of yours to risk their liveliehood so you can fail at making a unicycle frame for someone else.

Also, tubing is sold by the OD and wall thickness. If you can’t answer my question from the previous post, how do you expect to be able to figure out what size tubing to get for a 27.2mm seatpost?

theres tons of pipe beders at the airport!!!

and these arnt people that have the tools for work.

they are geezers that hang around the airport and bild go-karts.

and if you are trying to discurage me, its not working AT ALL.

I don’t need or want to discourage you. I’m just telling you what it’d take. Also, I’m trying to get you to expose a bit more info about the frame you plan to build and sell before you go act like ti’s a reality.

You still haven’t proven that you can answer my question.