(Wanted) cheap torker dx

I am looking for a torker dx or a similiar strong sturdy unicycle with 20" tire in good condition. I don’t have that much money to spend right now, so I am trying to find one for 180 or so (including shipping). If you have one laying around that you want to get rid of or will be getting rid of sometime in the future, please let me know. Thanks!

Holy crap man. Keep checking Ebay, they will sometimes go for 150.00 before shipping. Or save up for another week or so and just buy one new for 199.

I havn’t been able to find any new torker dx for less than 250! Do you know of where i could find one?

I have one that I’d be willing to sell, but where do you live, I’m over in california.

I live in arkansas, 72601. Do you have any pics?

I’ll post some when I get back from work at about 7:00. Everything is in good working order but it does have quiet a few scratches especially the underside of my grinding crank. I’m going to put back on all the parts that it had on it when I first bought it. So the seat will be brand new never before used. One one of the pedals I took out the pins from one side so I could grind easier, but if you don’t like that, pins are pretty cheap to replace. If you want I’ll thrown in some barely used plastic pedals, not sure of the brand.

And you said you’ll pay shipping?

How much are you asking? I’m kinda going to take my time and try to find a pretty good deal, thanks for the offer, I’ll take a look at your pics and definitely keep you in mind

I’ll take 150 for it plus 20 for shipping.

Nevermind that price I’ll drop it to 110 plus 20 for shipping.

Wow!!! Amazing Deal!!!

2 Brand new Torker DX’s for 213.00 us each on ebay.

Just sayin


Do you have any pics?

Sorry guys, I’ve decided to keep it around a little while longer. But if I decide to sell it again, I’ll personally send a message to both of you.

Anyone else out there with one for sale for 150 or so?

Ill sell mine! Send me a pm.