Wanted: A unicycle, new or used

You get your unicycle and ride all over the city. Then this will change! Thanks to you.

Mind if I don’t call you Judy. I think Amal is a beautiful name. In Korean


oh that’s so nice!!
This is my name in Arabic:


It reads from right to left. 3 letters only :smiley:

if you want to buy from canada get it from bedford.

the cheaper luxus looks good to me… but i woudl ask roland (the guy from municycle.de) to add you a front bumper cause thats really usefull and u’ll regret it if you dont get one.

btw amal is a cool name, especially sicne it is lama backwards :smiley:

Why 3 letters. I hear 4 sounds. Tutorial please. :smiley:

It is 6:30 am here. No response from Korea. :frowning: But I emailed them one more time. Just to be a pest.

Roland? What’s his email?

The letters are أ م ل a m l (remember to read Arabic from right to left)

Most letters take different shapes when written within a word as you can see.

In Aabic there is something called Harakaat (harakah is the singular word). It is the same as vowels in English, well when it is a short vowel sound. Native Arabic can read easily without harakaat and that’s why it is not written in most books but non-native, especially begginers need them to read correctly. See my name with one harakah on the second letter


It’s a small line above the letter it tells you to pronounce the m as “ma”. I couldn’t put the same harakah in the first letter because it will not appear with that font. The last letter takes the third harakah as explained below.

The rest of harakaat are as follows:

1- مـُ here it tells you to pronounce it as “mo”
2- مـِ here as “me”
3- مـْ here as “m” like when it is the last letter “ram”
4- مـّ here to stress the letter (in english double it) like “green”

So that is in detalis why the third sound in my name was not written. It is that way only because the vowel sound is short, if it was long, we would put that letter ا

Thank you Amanda :smiley:

Roland replied and told me to add this:


to the unicycle I will buy:


I’m going for blue.

Thanks a lot Brendan! :slight_smile:

uhm i meant a proper handle like this
not just a bumper, so you can pull up during jumps etc…

hmm you said bumper only not handle. Would that fit the uni I’m buying?

if roland told you that bumper would fit, then that handle will fit. (same mountings) but u might want to just ask roland, just to be sure that the eco line comes with that seat, cause it doesnt say. Plus i dont like responsability lol :smiley:

and sorry about bumper confusion… i thought it was obvious, which thinking abotu it, it isnt. But those bumpers are what comes with the uni anwyays… so no point buying a second pair !

anwyays gd luck!

Yeah I thought so too. But then I thought a colored one would be great.

Anyway, I already asked roland and he said it won’t fit :frowning:

It’s going to take 3 weeks to arrive here shesh. I ship to USA, UK … etc and it takes about 4-13 days only.

ah fair enough, i would have bet it would fit but never mind ehehe

wlel good luck waiting!

I have not ordered yet and I’m thinking of buying it anyway. I think I can make it fit. Customizing stuff is not difficult.

I’ll order on Monday when I receive a big payment from a clint so I’ll think about it in the next few days.

Thank you for your help Brendan and everybody. You guided me in this. Otherwise, I would have bought that uni with the bad seat :smiley:

ehehe no problem! i really think the seat is the most important thing on a begginer uni though, i started with a real bad seat and it was just painfull… i dont want anyone to have to do that !

that last sentence doesnt even make sense never mind lol

I finally got a response from the Korean unicycling site.

They will ship to Saudi Arabia. Not knowing which model you were interested in they gave an estimate for the shipping costs. 100,000 won.

I don’t know the exact current exchange rate but I am sure you could find it easily. For your reference here is the email they sent me back.

Also, if you are interested in ordering from them, I could ask them if you could order directly through them in English. Of course I don’t mind to help either of you translate. It keeps me in practice.


관심주셔서 감사합니다.

메일을 받지 못하여 이제 답변드린점 죄송스럽게 생각합니다.

물론 주문도 가능하시고 배송도 가능합니다.

1).어떤 모델의 외발자전거를 원하시는지?
2).배송요금은 대략 100,000원정도가 서울에서 사우디 아라비아까지 비용 소요(EMS POST이용-항공)

외발자전거 구입방법은 저희 쇼핑몰(http://www.jugglingshop.co.kr)에서 모델을 선택하셔서 연락주시면

배송등 자세한 방법을 바로 알려드리도록 하겠습니다.



Thanks a lot for the info. The website in Germany quoted me much less shipping (55.08 USD) while the one in Korea is about 106 USD

You can easily convert currencies from here


Thanks again for your help.

CX saddle SUCKS BALLS. I bought a KH saddle for mine after about 3 months, I just COULD NOT take it any more. I mean, not only was it uncomfortable and horrible for hopping, the thing fell apart whenever it hit the ground. Pansy little piece of crap.

I’m glad that it is working out for you. I can’t wait to hear about your first ride with it. :smiley: