Wanted: A unicycle, new or used

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for a nice unicycle, new or used. I am a begginer. I think a 20" would be good for me.

To be shiped to: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Could anybody help?

an advice… please!

Ok, it seems a bit difficult for anyone to ship worldwide. Well, I found 2 unis and I need a really good advice.

The first seller charges expensive shipping fees but the price is “still” very good. Check the link:


The second charges a little cheaper shipping fees but the price is much higher. Check the link:


You guys are pro. Please help me choose the best of these 2.
Freestyle use, and I’m around 5.3 - 5.4 tall.

Thank you in advance…

the first one has - a rubbish seat, lollipop bearings (prone to breaking) and a 16 inch wheel,

the main problem is that a 16 inch wheel is too small for most people. Freestyle uses 20 inches most of the time and for learning 24 or 20.

The second looks ok, but the saddle looks horrible. uncomfortable + no handle. i’d recomend this :


its cheap, its got an ok good saddle with a handle, and its probably stronger than the other two u are looking at.

Maybe look at a torker CX if u cant stretch enough to the LX but the CX seat is supposed to be awfull

Thank you for your reply. Well, it’s not cheap at all. The shipping fees are 206 USD, i.e 300 bucks to buy that one. I really cannot afford that at all.

Where do you live? I am in Canada and it showed shipping as just under $30 for me.

if you live somewhere that is far from the states how much were you quoted for shipping on those unis on eBay?

I am sure you are already aware of this but there are eBay sites for different countries so you can find items closer to home and there are also various Unicycle.com sites as well.

Assuming shipping is not ridiculous i would go with something like the LX that Brendan mentioned. Just remember, you get what you pay for

Good luck in your unicycle hunt:)

One of the sellers quoted me 59 USD airmail. I live in Saudi Arabia as I mentioned earlier. Close countries does not necessarily offer cheaper shipping. UK for example has one of the highest shipping. I am an ebay seller too and to ship an item from Saudi Arabia to Germany for example costs less than to ship it from UK to Germany.

I have searched ebay extensively for many days in almost all countries. European countries are the highest in terms of shipping. US is a little cheaper and I know that Canada is cheaper than US but no seller there is offering a uni at the moment.

I don’t mind buying a used one in good condition. It’s better than not buying after all.

He said “To be shipped to: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. How about ordering from Germany? This is probably good beginner uni.

I am a “she” not a “he”.

Thank you Amanda but I don’t really speak German (I’m a translator in English-Arabic only :slight_smile: )

Could you check for me if they can ship to me and how much? I’d really appreciate it.


hehe, your name is lama backwards.

Ok. I have just realized that, lol.
My name translate as “Hope”. Both a’s are pronounced like the a in “again” :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: Most of unicyclist are male, so I thought you’re boy. There was about 90 % change that you aren’t female. Finnish is much better language, because “hän” means “he” or “she”.

Edit: I wonder what my name means. I found that from wikipedia. :smiley:

Well, that is why I wrote under my name: also known as Judy. Actually, I wanted to change my username to Judy short after I registered but it’s not possible I guess.

i’m sorry about that, u quoted US ebay, and even after i knew u were in saudi arabia i didnt click. sorry

uhm well maybe try different unicycle.com sites, there are many countries and see what is cheaper, also if ur gonna be spending lots on shipping, dont buy a cruddy uni with a rubbish seat, cause it’ll be real expensive to change once u got it… so buy good the first time…

i dotn know saudi arabia at all, but maybe try juggling shops? What about shipping form korea?


lol i dont know just an idea. Also mayeb ask qu-ax http://www.qu-ax.com/ and ask them wot the nearest retailer for a luxus 20" would be…

anwyays gd luck with that!

Thanks Brendan. I emailed qu-ax. You are absolutely right. This would probably be the only unicycle I would get so I should buy a good one.

I have checked all unicycle.com sites. The German is the only one who offers better shipping price. I didn’t understand anything on the Korean one :slight_smile:

I would buy one of these:



I would go for the cheaper one unless it’s not good. What do you think?

If you want a little guidance on the Korean site, I’d be glad to help.

The menu on the left hand side first has juggling stuff, the second category is unicycles.

You can see it (외발자전거)

The menu of this section is;

standard unicycles
touring (26"-36")
trials, muni

Thank you so much for your kindness. Can you check for me if they ship to Saudi Arabia and how much?

I didn’t see anything that said they did or didn’t so I emailed them. It might take awhile to get a response as it is just morning there now.

My advice to you is, if this is probably the only unicycle you will get. Take your time and make sure it is the right one for you.

Oh, I probably should have added that a lot of information from the site requires you to register. To do that you have to have a Korean National Registration number. :frowning:

I’ll let you know what the email response is.

And I thought my frustrations with finding the right uni was bad because our local bike shop doesn’t stock quality brands.

I won’t complain any more… uh… much. :smiley:

Yeah right. Don’t complain any more. I’m going to buy a unicycle with triple the price of my bike :thinking: . I couldn’t find any shop that sells unis here in my city though almost everything else is sold and at much lower prices, yet with high quality. Well, I only found a shop called Toy’s Club, the biggest uni they sell is for an 8 years old!!

Thank you for your help :smiley: