Wanted: 36" rims. any kind.

Hey all, i’m getting involved in the creation of a Kinetic Sculpture for next year’s Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championships, and our design specs call for at the very least TWO(2) 36" rims, preferably THREE of them. Used is not a problem and is actually extremely preferred.

Anyone with ANY old 36" rims they’d like to see put to good use, please give me a PM with a quote. We don’t have a million dollars to spend or anything so we need to keep it cheap as we can.

Thanks in advance.
-The 'Bibble.

shame, I’ve got a steel rim I’d let you have for beer money but shipping’s impossible, unless you’re going to unicon?

I asked first, Jerk.

I asked first, jerk.

why 'choo gotta be like that?
posts like that don’t help your public standing or your chances of buying something from someone. all you’re doing now is bumping my thread up while pushing yours further down the page.

If you’re really that pissed, go ahead, buy it from him if he wants to sell to you after that rather spiteful comment.