wanted 36 inch uni, live in VA

looking for a 36 inch unicycle. will pay for shipping inside USA or canada. thanks mike

I am in cville, and have a nimbus 36, not really looking to sell(although tempted to downsize to a KH 29), but if you want to drop by and take it for a spin let me know, and if you like to MUNI, i have been meaning to set up a MUNI day at walnut creek park or sherando lake/big levels

I got one. It’s all yours.
Airfoil rim, T7 handle. It’s pretty nice. Luggage rack if you want it too.
Here is my thread, PM me if you’re interested. Or email nick.jantz@gmail.com

It’s still the full thing.

I also don’t have one for sale but I live in Augusta County VA. I ride Muni and neglect my 36er lately.

i am willing to sell mine as I pm’ed you… here is a pic. It is a wheel TA tire. no brakes, but the standard magura brake compatible frame

hey habbywall

How much you asking and where do u live in MI I have a lot of fam there maybe we will not have to send it.