{wanted} 26 inch frame with brake mounts

im looking for a 26" frame that has cantilever brake mounts and a seat tube bigger than 22.2

Is there such a frame?

sure…Hunter and DM vortex frame have come with canti mounts and ive seen a few others.

You could get the Koxx frame. I dont think its too expensive. Its seatpost diameter is 27.2 like the KH frames. And it has mounts.


Cantilever Mounts!!!not Magura Mounts!!!

couldn’t you use something like this? Or will it not work?



read the thread title…it says "(wanted} 26 inch frame with brake mounts…!

it doesnt say “Wanted” advice from people who dont know the differance between Canti mounts and magura mounts on how to get a brake on a frame that doesnt have any mounts…