Wanted: 26-inch, 36-hole rim..

I’m looking to buy a used 26" rim. I’m thinkin’ a 36-hole Big Mammoth or Alex DX-type rim would work swell, but other brands, with widths of at least 30mm, might work, too. (I thought I’d ask before purchasin’ a new one through UDC.) Thanks! --carl (North Dakota)

If I were you I would find out what the best mountain bike specialist shop in the area is and check them out. I was looking at UDC and Bedford and I went to the local place and was able to get a good rim for free with the purchase of a wheelbuild (which I was getting anyways).

Btw I got a rhynolite XL just to let you know it wasn’t some crap rim, it was just built onto a floor model but then replaced when someone bought it.