Wanted: 24" Muni

I could go with either a 24 or 26, and depending on condition and quality I can spend up to $250. I would like something with parts that can be replaced without too much hassle (bearings, cranks, and etc.).

I am new to all of this, and my Schwinn has been good for the basics. It’s time for something bigger, and more fun. I live in Colorado, so the obvious choice is MUni.


Someone posted this one in your price range.

I’ll sell you an '05 Torker DX. The thing runs great, never have had any problems with it. Recently cleaned it and lubed everything up. Tire still has a lot of tread left. It has scratches, but is structurally sound. I just don’t ride it any more, I stick with my 29".


Lemme know if you’re interested.


Thanks for all of the help

I ended up buying Colin’s Onza. He sent it super fast, and I am very happy with the cycle.