[Wanted] 20 -24" Torker DX

Like the title says im looking for either in good working condition… it doesnt really have to look very good cosmetically… just everything in working order

you make the offer…

thanks a bunch


I don’t ha ve one to sell, but how much are you willing to spend? Would you buy the new 06 ones, or are you looking for the older models?

yeah im on a limited bidget so i just want one ofthe older ones something cheap and something fairly strong


how big of a drop can the old torker’s hub take?

The old ones are the same as the new ones pretty much.

I’ve done a 6 footer on both.

WheelWorks here in Eugene has a new '05 Torker 20" for $159. Not a bad price, but don’t know if they’d ship it.

Look a few threads down my friend>