Wanted: 140mm DX Cranks.

I know someone must have a set of the 140mm DX Muni cranks.

I want a pair for trials riding.

I think the 04 KH cranks work

Possibly, but I can get a set of 140mm Torker cranks for cheaper.

Plus, a few people upgraded their 24" DX’s to Redline Proline cranks… so they may have the 140mm cranks lying around.

24" dx’s come with 6 inch cranksor about 152’s and 152’s are long for trials…

Damn, you’re right… but someone posted in one of my threads a while ago that he had 140mm DX cranks.

ya I’m a little disapointed in the crank length too. Tell me if you find some longer ones.

about the redline cranks, redline’s shortest cranks come in 170’s (I think) because they’re made for bmx racing. good luck in your search and I’ll be looking too. :slight_smile:

ps. where can you find 04 kh cranks?

Hey Borgschulze. I thought that you had a 20" DX. Did it not come with 140ml cranks?

It comes with 125mm cranks… I thought the 24" came with 140mm cranks, that’s why I made this thread…

Someone mentioned KH 2004 cranks, which immediatly made me think of these: http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=6&products_id=332&osCsid=d58d24c18ec1150823eb681e917d6149 I hear they’re very strong cranks, they’re also pretty cheap… I don’t know if they’re available where you live and wether they fit on the torker hub, but you could ask your dealer and try.

Those aren’t much longer than what he has and only have 8 splines. The DX has 10 splines. Would Darren Bedford be able to help you out with this problem?

Well if there isn’t a pair of 140mm Torker DX cranks then I don’t really want any at all.

Lol well there isnt m8 sorry… I have a pair of 150s and 127s for sale though… Nothin inbeetween…

You should like… fuse them together and make 140s.

Ah I just need my magoras box…

Hmm, huge party two doors down from me… maybe I can get drunk and turn my unicycle into a KH20.

Umm I think you would need some koxx or africa grey t odo that :slight_smile:

Are there any 48 spoke hub and cranksets out there that come in 140-145’s?


they arent made

the dx 20 has 127s the 24 ha 150s

Yeah, I know, stop bumping this thread.