Want Trials Uni!!

I Need A Trials Uniycle For My Friend And He Would Perfer A Nimbus Or A Kris Holm, He Doesnt Want To Spend More Than 280 And He Would Perfer No Cotterless Cranks He Wants Isis Trials Uni

He’s your friend, why not sell him your Hoppely at a lower price? I know he wants ISIS, but if he wants a cheap uni, he’s probably just starting trials. The Hoppely would be great for that.

I don’t know about Canada, but in the US you can get a Nimbus Isis Trials unicycle for about $250.

This is all the information I have. Good luck!


well im not selling my anymore and second of all my friend is really good at trials, same with me…we both are its just that he sold his unicycle w/ cotterless crankset and every for 140 bucks and he wants a stronger unicycle

Is he just starting, or does he have expierence?


he has experience he can do 3 foot drops and stuff and hes good at sets and he weighs 130

smaller or higher than a 20’’ wheel?


idk a 19 inch rims a trials uni

Yeah, trials unicycles like the nimbus, koxx, KH etc all have a 19" rim and then a large tyre, they are still commonly refered too as 20" though


yeaa hes looking for mostly nimbus bc there cheap but a KH he wouldnt mind

hmmmm all the ones I have seen are a bit expencive…

Does it have to be isis? How bout just splined? Check ebay every once and while. My friend got an 05 kh for 250 I think


it can be either he only weighs 130lbs he would be interested in tht KH but he doesnt really wanna buy from the USA…be customs it would go threw

My Friend Need A Trial Uni Badly!!! He Cant Spend Up To 325 With Shipping Cost!!!


heyy guys im his friend who needs a unicycle
TRIALS!!! 20 inch 2.5
nimbus or KH


get a new one?

yea but he lives in canada and he doesnt want to spend border fees

i bought my nimbus hoppley threw UDC and i had to pay 100 bucks bc it crossed the border…

that site he linked is the canadian UDC…

yup in Calgary


oh sick thanks guyss