want to save youtube videos?

choose your format, save it, done.

i had to use a you tube video for a reference on a vid i made for class, thought it could be useful here.

there’s also, www.mediapirate.org and if you want to convert it www.mediaconverter.org

– bobousse

Arn’t these illegal? hohohoho

what isnt these days

I’m Acctualy using a progam called MassTube… You can download to a lot of diferent extensions (mp4,mp3,wmv,mov,avi…)… And you can download a lot of files in the same time :smiley:

For Firefox users: Fast Video Download Addon. Just instal and you can download from the browser!


Using pot at conventions.
Ohw waith, that still IS illigal.

Peter M

are you high…?

I would never use drugs, so the answer is NO.

Peter M

ohh commme onnnn, you do, its ok. our little secret;)

I bet probailer don’t drink beer or eat chocolate or anything else that could alter his state of mind.

That I DO do.

Peter M

But whats the big differnece between drinking alcohol and taking drugs?

Alcohool it’s easier to buy, and it’s legal… but we know that alcohool is worse for your body than other drugs…! At least in Brazil that’s the problem… Here it’s legal: Alcohool and Cigarretes (TABACO), for 18+…

Bye :smiley:

Don’t want to be the one who kills all fun but…

  1. There are countries where a forum-admin could get sued if he does not remove illegal stuff, including links to illegal stuff

  2. Think about the children here on the forum before you talk about alcohol and similar (worse) things…

Just a reminder :wink:

Proffesionel needed !

Search a programm to change videos flv to 3gp ???
Friendly regards flatmaster

I’ve got something really good. You make a new Bookmark with the following “link”:

I know, it’s really long, but it works. When you’re at a youtube page, you click on that bookmark (in firefox quick bookmark toolbar, than it’s very easy :stuck_out_tongue: ),
and then there appears a link under the description of the vid:
“Download as MP4 (right-click and select Save link as)”.

It downloads really fast, the quality is good and you can just open it with windows media player.


When i need to download something off youtube, i just use this:


It’s free and converts your videos directly to mp3,avi,…
You can also download full playlists and all vids from a user

I think mine is the easiest and fastest :stuck_out_tongue:
You’re watching a video, click on download vid and it downloads 0.5mB/sec

heh, heh


haah whattt?