Yeah, the nerve of those guys posing as real unicyclists!

Yeah, the nerve of those guys posing as real unicyclists!

No helmets!

(Lights blue touch paper and retires.)

Loving the McDonalds sponsorship, i’m sure those guys are going for a Big Mac right after the show. I’ve ridden with someone else sitting on my shoulders, but can anyone stand on a unicyclist’s shoulders as they ride? I’m holding back on exploding in to a ball of geen burning stars over the helmet comment.


I’m working on riding technical muni with a stunt midget standing on my shoulders… one day I’ll work up to a full-sized stunt man, but for now it’s the midget.

Does the midget know he’s getting the axe when you’re good enough? I wouldn’t tell him, he might try and fall off on purpose to keep himself in a job.

Sissy. You should be carrying elephants and Volkswagens by now.

I think that’s elephants in Volkswagens.

Wait. can anoyone balance standing on a dudes shoulders in the first place. And then walk around with him? If so im sure it cant be that hard, though mounting would be tough

If someone stands on top of me, falling over wouldn’t be a problem because I’d collapse first.

If someone tried to stand on my shoulders, I do believe i would concetina into a much shorter version of myself

The teacher who taught me to juggle used to regularly stand kids on his shoulders to do juggling tricks, he said that you can take anyone up to your own wieght on your shoulders for a moderate amount of time. Riding with soeone on your shoulders, even if they’re only sitting is harder than it looks because it takes a huge effort to adjust your balance, your centre of mass is much higher and your total mass is much higher, so making small forward backwards adjustments becomes almost impossible.

^Lars is a strong boy.

The midget is blissfully unaware of his plight. He’s actually getting the carving knife when I’m done with him. I figure I’ll save some money on my Thanksgiving dinner, and try a new cuisine at the same time.

I’m not your sister. Do you know how much it costs to take care of an elephant?

i’m not sure if you’ve seen the pic correctly but they are actually on what looks like roadbikes (they are sitting on the low slung handlebars). If they are freewheeling machines kudos to them because that would be uber hard. So either pick on them for doing it on a bicycle, being sponsored by McDonalds or not at all.

Yes. I have to hydrate Tom Jackson on MUni rides. I don’t know how I got saddled with that responsibility.

Kudos on eating the midget. What recipe do you intend to use?

Re: Wannabes

On Sat, 8 Oct 2005 02:09:12 -0500, Nimrod wrote:

>i would
>concetina into a much shorter version of myself


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