Wanna buy: Old schwinn saddles (metal base)

Yep yep, As long as the metal base is intact (and hopfully the foam), I want to buy it. Make me offers.

The classic saddles of ucd have the same base if you did not know that.

I was under the impression that the “Classic” saddle had the viscount base, and if so the viscount and schwinn saddle have different bases. The old schwinn bases are the same as the semcycle base.

A KH saddle from UDC bolted directly onto my early-to-mid 70s Schwinn post, no problem.


He wants the saddle for its metal base though, it would be much stronger than the plastic one in the KH saddles. Though also a bunch heavier.

Yeah that’s right. Sorry for that.

my 5ish year old shwinn has a plastic base

unicycle.com has the old metal bases if you didn’t already know. which im guessing you did and u just want them cheap

I have a seat if you want it

make me an offer.

if you want pics either teach me how to post them here or I can email them to you.