Walter nilsson pioneer unicyclist archives

I have recently aquired from an estate the personal photo archives of WALTER NILSSON, unicycle daredevil of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Many unpublished photos and negatives. Enough to illustrate an entire book about him if one was so inclined. Now that’s an idea. At least you could sell some magazine articles. He rode his unicycle atop skyscrapers and around the world. Just a bit of digging and I found some newspaper articles of his tour of Australia on the internet. I also have a negative of his motorized unicycle. He also rode a giraffe acrosss America! If you’ll email me I’ll send you an image or two(not to be published unless purchased). Here’s an opportunity. If you are a collector or a writer and are interested please let know. I’m not talking a fortune, but rather a modest sum.