Did a search but can’t find anything on this, I was just interested to know if any trials riders had tried this trick? Is it even possible?

By wallride I mean hopping into the side of a wall and riding (with your uni at an angle) along the vertical surface of a wall for a distance.

The reason I ask is coz I heard the guy at the end of the Under No Influence trailer saying that “anything you can do on a skateboard, you can do on a unicycle”.

Try it out and tell us how it goes.

Heh, ok… there’s the slight problem for me of having to learn to ride in a straight line / hop first though :frowning: I was just wondering if anyone had done it or seen anyone do it before?

I would try it, but I need to learn how to hop as well. :slight_smile:

my guess would be that its impossible because when you are on a uni you dont have as much speed or momentum as on a skate board so you would just fall off the wall. thats my guess but i could be wrong

I can wallride on my mountain bike, and you definately have plenty of speed and momentum on a unicycle, the main part of doing a cycle wallride is tire grip.

I have attempted wall TAPS on my uni, but I havent gotten onto a completely vertical surface yet. I have gotten them on close-to-vertical walls. I see several problems with wallRIDING a uni though. (1. it would be almost impossible to keep momentum thru the wallride (2. you would either have to have an extreme angle while on the wall (greater than 45 degrees), or REALLY short cranks, to keep them from contacting the surface. (3. it would be difficult to keep the tire from folding under, unless it was at VERY high pressure, or VERY wide rim. wider than any I have ever seen. If we could find ways to fix these things, I am positive we willhave people like Dan Heaton and Adam Ryznar doing them in no time.

If you had a Coker Muni you’d have the speed and grip. Is that even possible? Would it be possible to jump on something like that?

I was just trying that on a MUni ride yesterday. It was on a rock face that wasn’t quite vertical, so it was doable. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do a meaningful wallride on a vertical wall, but it would be cool to see that proved wrong. Meaningful in this case means getting more than just a tap. I think even half a rotation would be impressive.

Here’s a pic of me from yesterday. I’m pretty sure I rode about 1 and 1/2 rotations on the wall. The real challenge was getting far enough on the wall to miss the tree, which is about 4 feet in front of me in the picture. I failed to miss it at least once:)

You all talk about not getting enough momentum, so here’s my solution…

  1. Get one of those crazy Japanese freestyle riders.
  2. Send them coasting full speed towards a wall.
  3. Have them hop, turn 90 degrees, and lean severely to one side.
  4. Watch those crazy freestyle riders work their magic down your wall.

Just a though,

Perfect! Thank God we now have a way for everyone to learn how to do that.

Actually, it could work. Through a bit of voo doo and skill.

Adam Ryznar- stoped ages ago.
Tyre taps are possible!

heres what happened to me the last time i tryed to ride a wall,a very slippery one too!

good to see your getting use out of that sweet as helmet!

I can sorta do what Dan Heaton did in U2 where you ride up the side of a “bowl” and then just skid/slide down it without moving the pedals. I can do what you might call tire “taps” by jumping on the side of a completely vertical, oversided curb, so maybe if I slid down part of that curb after I tapped that would be considered a “wallride”, even though my pedals wouldn’t be moving.

Very rarely (VERY) I can be pedalling my coasting unicycle and hop up a small curb while coasting on it, maybe something could be worked out with a skilled rider on one of those.

I can almost pretty much ride on a slanted surface like Ben PS did in the picture. But can’t we all…??? (NOT!!!)

Wow your really good, why dont you make a video soon. I gotta see these unispins and backwards grinds of yours. But how do you hop up a curb while coasting.

Oh yeah, how long u been unicycling unipsychogirl

I have been unicycling for like 8-10 years. And, just to let u know, I AM in the process of filming a video/movie. It will be called “One-Wheeled Women” and it the first EXtreme Unicycling movie to feature mostly females.

That is an amazing muni shot Ben Plotkin-Swing
now that is what i call serious Muni
cor bet that gets the adrenalin pumping