Walking the dog

Recently I’ve started walking the dog on my unicycle. Originally I thought it would be really hard because the dog is always pulling at the leash, but it was actually really fun! Mostly he just kinda pulls me along.

Also, I’ve found that it has helped me control the uni better, like he’ll suddenly stop, and I’ll have to suddenly start idling, and so I’ve gotten better.

So I’m curious, how many of you have tried this or do this on a regular basis?

i never tried… but alread thinked about…

but i have a small dog… a poddle… and he cant pull me. he is old too . eight years.

but sounds nice

I would but my mom won’t let me.

I uni-walk my 80lb retriever once or twice a week. She trots along as I ride my 29, and loves it. I use one of those self-winding leads that extends and retracks in a spring loaded fashion, unless you push a button to lock the lead length. We learned early on that a spiky choke/training collar was a poor choice when I am on the uni! The dog really can’t pull me over if I am paying attention, and it’s a great way to give her some exercise.