Walking the dog while riding a unicycle

Today I decided to try and walk my dog on a leash while riding my unicycle. Our first attempt failed with me almost running over him. I think this made him fear the unicycle enough to stay ahead of it the rest of the ride. It actually worked pretty good. Of course, walking a Great Dane or any other large dog might be a problem if it were to try and go in the wrong direction, but I have a 15-lb pug. He’s an energetic pug, so he walked at a good pace. It was pretty fun. I think we will make it a regular activity. It was good bonding time. :smiley:

Does anybody else walk their dog while riding a unicycle?


Re: Walking the dog while riding a unicycle

Only euphemisticly. Since your dog was tied to a restraint, it was also good ‘bondage-time’. :wink:


Or if you are Kris Holm, you can take your dog for a run while you glide on the unicycle (as in the ending of “One Tired Guy”).

You can do a lot of things if you’re Kris Holm. Back on topic though, I’m yet to try walking Cosmo while on my unicycle. He gets distracted easily and may get in the way of the wheel. I’m worried about hitting him. When he’s a bit older and more obedient, I’ll take him up to Mt. Cootha for some off-leash muni adventures.



I wouldn’t dream of submitting a dog to that.

What a great picture! Buster looks completely unimpressed.

Have you “walked” Buster while riding the Blue Shift yet?

Steve Howard

Ben and Brad walk our Goldens whilst riding their Cokers.

Buster spends most of his time unimpressed. His activities require occassional idling when I run him on a uni. The 24" is about right for that. I can spin at a pretty high speed and still have enough torque to pull Buster away from something that catches his nostrils. Then I can stop quickly and idle while he negotiates complex canine social and hygenic activities.

Running poor Buster using Blue Shift would be a nightmare. Too fast, not enough control, I haven’t even tried him on a Coker ride yet. The Edwards boys are gutsier than me.

Re: Walking the dog while riding a unicycle

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>Does anybody else walk their dog while riding a unicycle?

I’d like to, but our doggie is too dumb to avoid the wheel. One of the
biggest talents it has is being in the way.

Klaas Bil

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I walk my dog on my unicycle, i have yet to decide which is the best, i try to take him on trials rides, and once when i hopped up onto a picnic bench, he jumped right up there too!! and it was kinda slippery so when he jumped off it was like a 180!!
Dog trials, now that would be cool!:smiley: anyways, it’s an excellent way of getting two things done at once!


My dog does trials. He had only just started in this photo though. He can jump up to my sandwich board and gap to some milk crates.



dog runs 2 fast but i handleit.

now aregular atcivity

i’ve done this many times on my qu-ax 29" its awesome…
at start it was a bit hard because my dog is kind of small, its a basset, simmular to basset hound:p
I often take him to trails in the mountain and ride with him unleashed, and when im in town i have him in a leash, he’s good at riding now, and we only have 3-4 stops in 30 min trip :smiley:
I also practice idleing while he’s doing the dirty work :o

good thing is my dogs pull like there is no tomorrow, sometimes I take my feat off the peddals, put then fall over, ending in the dogs licking my face… YAY

Funny that some people like to be on a leash.

Genie accompanies me almost every day. I on my 26 and she on an extendo-leash and training collar.
She spends a lot of time out in front but she swaps over to “heel” on command - and when I say “look out” she quickly turns her head to see where I’m going.

Definitely use a training collar. I spent a couple of weeks riding with a dog whose owners thought could never learn to behave and he wound up being a great uni dog. I guess the biggest help, after the training collar and extendo would be to use lots of verbal cues and put yourself in a lot of situations where the dog has to conform to your wishes.

I used to walk my Husky while riding a unicycle. But she passed away and now I have a 10 lb pug. I’ve tried to get her interested in walking with the unicycle, but she gets too excited and thinks my rotating feet are a game.

So that’s at least 2 unicyclists with pugs. Any more?

yes, all the time.

I’ve even tried to get him to pull me while gliding (big husky-collie mix) but I had to dismount when he went running off to sniff a mailbox:p .

Kris Holm does

Im learning to wheel walk then ill 1ft wwalk then gliding!

I just need to train my dog…

Yes, that is a b*ke in the background