walk your dog on a unicycle?!?

Just the other day I saw a guy on a coker walking his dog, I followed him for about two blocks then he dissapeared. When I got home I tried it and got an awful faceplant, my dog is no way in a lifetime gonna sit still… So can you walk your dog on a unicycle? No I wasn"t stalking.

I used to walk ours on my 20" which was just nimble enough to react every time he (our dog) would decide to stop and smell lamppost etc. I can’t imagine being able to do that on a coker.

I’ve done it on a 24 and a 29 but not a coker, that sounds like suicide

Kriss Holm gliding… pulled by a dog :).

The short clip is in the first 10 secs.

EDIT: another 10 second clip at the end of it at the end of that vid too.

I know two people who do it. One uses a coker. The other uses a muni.

I have a daschund which I walk/run while I’m on my muni. It is very pleasant. I have one of those 5 meter spring retractable leads - It is kind of like a tape measure, so the line is always taught and does not drag on the ground. I recommend this to all prospective dog walkers, and I highly recommend it to all dog joggers/runners:)

When Sophie (the dog) decides to make a very sudden sniff-stop, I usually have time to stop, and there is enough lead length to idle while does whatever she does.

[edit] This is the type of leash:


I’ve tried it once or twice. It would depend on the dog, the course, the rider.

Here’s a picture:

This is Brutus, and he’s leash-trained enough that he won’t go yanking too hard on the leash. He likes to stop and pee at bushes and stuff, and I can’t idle, so I pretty much had to go down the middle of the street to keep him away from distractions.

Our other dog runs this way and that and pulls pretty hard, and I don’t think it would work well with him.

Having Brutus mainly messed up my free-mounting, took me more tries. Actually riding around with him on a leash, there’s times when he pulls when you don’t want him to, but then there’s times you get off-balance a bit and can pull against the leash to stay up. So with the right dog, it’s not necessarily harder than just riding. I can’t glide, period, but that might actually be easier with a dog than without.

More often than not, I walk my dog on my muni. She is very comfortable with it and she always stops to pee in the same exact places so I know where to stop. I tried walking her on my KH36 a couple days ago but it’s not very practical because she doesn’t like to run on a leash. :roll_eyes:

It’s impossible to walk a dog while riding a unicycle.

I walk my dog while riding it’s more of a challenge!

I do as well. The neighbors get a kick out of it.

I usually use my 26 torker. It is just big enough to wear the dog out in a mile and a half.

I don’t think it would be too hard to do on a coker as long as you had a dog with good leash skills. I don’t really know what I’m talking about though since I don’t have a dog. :roll_eyes:

her’s some video’s of walking the dog, and of powergliding behind a dog:

I used to walk my GSD whilst riding, but he was terrible on a lead. Almost perfect behavior off lead though, so he just ran along side.

It took a while to teach my dog Gala to run with me on my Coker. Her chasing squirrels wasn’t so bad when we got her and she was only 40 pounds, but now she’s 55 pounds, and can really pull.

What’s nice is that all NYC parks allows dogs off leash from 9 pm to 9 am, and from 7 am to 9 am it’s a BIG gathering of dog people. I unleash her and she runs with me down car-less paths like we’re part of the same pack.

On leash, it’s a standard 4 mile ride, which is easier in the winter, cuz summers in NYC are really HOT, even early in the morning, especially since global warming has been taking over.

I’m glad to see so many of us running dogs while unicycling!!

i do it often on my 29"… my dog isn’t very big but he’s suprisingly strong… it’s a basset… in the forrest i ride with him unleashed… but in the streets leashed… he’s nice to ride with now… in the start it was a bit hard

I do it regularly on my KH 20. Every post my dog sees, he stops and takes a 2 second piss then goes to the next one. WHY DUZNT HE RELEASE IT ALL!=0

lol. Unisykolist, I have never liked you.

Just learn to glide walking the dog like me. I can even do a pretty decent, uh, “gliding stillstand” when he stops-and he likes to sniff around for a bit.


Because he’s marking his territory, not just relieving himself.