vsw'07 highlights!

really awesome weekend!

part 1

Good lines, good bails, looked like it was tons of fun, and wet.

Great video.

ugh im still pissed i missed that lol. looks fun.

part 2!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snI3fZb9LpQ

Those vids were pretty rad man. too bad about the rain.

Vancouver looks like it has some pretty good spots to hit up.

man you guys have no idea, when its dry here ill put together a better vid. :sunglasses:

we need some aussies there too:D at the next one haha

Can you put it in the gallery or utv or somthing, cause youtube’s not working for me. Thanks.

Torker Smell lol
looked fun to bad it rained

That was an awesome vid man. You got sooo many sick spots to hit up I can only imagine what it must be like when its dry lol. That just looked like a good ol’ time and I can’t wait till everyone in texas gets off their asses and decides to do something like this;)

ha, thanks man, it was so much fun! rain or shine, us vanouverites ride man:D

Haha, “im not texting, im uhh, looking at the time” funny stuff.

great riding

Absolutely beautiful, but god does your guys’ place look like a sty! Bitter I couldn’t make it. Next time, eh?


yeah sean where the heck were you! missed ya man. Usually our place is pretty tidy, but damn it got so bag lol!

I had a midterm this week that i needed to study for. Psyc is very possibly my worst subject ever. Oh well, next time.




nice vid.
rain blows