Vote for UDC US one more time. Please

Copied from the Nov. UDC Newsletter:

Dear friends:

We need your vote one more time! Your previous vote helped us reach the finals in the Forbes Magazine Boost Your Business contest. The grand prize is $100,000.00. Many of you know that we’ve outgrown our little warehouse. The award would serve as a down-payment on a new store with more space. That would enable us to put more products in the showroom, making them more accessible to our friends and customers during visits.

The contest is now in your hands. Forbes has set up a Web site with details on the 5 finalists. Your vote, along with our presentation score, will determine which company is the winner. Forbes’ panel of judges has not yet published our scores. Please vote for us today. Would you consider forwarding this request to your friends? Please accept our sincere thanks for helping us reach the finals.

Best regards,
John and Amy Drummond

1-800-Unicycle (1-800-864-2925) toll-free

To maintain voting integrity, Forbes’ requires that you register before voting


Good presentation.
You have my vote.

Peter M


gl I voted!


A worth while investment of your time to vote.

!!! Support your sport and take the time to help them out !!!

UDC is running 4th out of 5 at the moment. I know you have to register to vote, but it only takes a minute to do. Looks like we need about 355 votes just to catch up to first…

Choose the ONE company you think should win the $100,000 grand prize. (One vote per person, please.)
Thank you, your vote has been submitted.

948 Vote(s) %)

458 Vote(s)
Presidential Classroom(12 %)

960 Vote(s)
Simply Divine Brownies(24 %)

968 Vote(s)
Recycline(25 %)

613 Vote(s) %)

Total Votes: 3947

Vote submitted!

I voted a couple days ago :slight_smile:

It’s sad to see that far behind.

I just put my vote in. Come on everybody do your part. I might make a few other accounts and vote again later :smiley:

everyone! vote! now!!!

I think I’ve voted from 4 different accounts with 4 different email address on 3 different computers…

Well it was a tough decision, but I voted for Glen Oliver over at

I voted, is still only on 16% though.

i voted


aww why not


voted for