Vote for MUni (weird sports poll)

we aren’t losing any more. We’re ahead by at least 400 votes when i voted.

i just found out that one can vote more than once.
just close that popup window with the results and click “Vote” again.:smiley: :wink: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

Try almost 900, and I only voted 10 times…

Don’t even close the window, just move it out of the way and keep clicking vote, we must maximize efficiency!

I just added one percent, we are over 1200 now

add another 100votes…were about 1080 in the lead now.

wow, this sounds very familiar…

holy crap they caught up! vote vote!

wow there are like 15 people going all out on the underwater hocky
we need people to help us.

or…we could stop cheating.
but whatever.

Why should we stop if they are going to continue, we are the strong, the proud, the municyclists!

to whoever just made the rush with me to 6000, we are totally destroying them.

yeah i have it at 54 percent and its going well now
we are 20 percent above. lets win this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

They have an incredible rate though, they get like 250 votes in 5 minutes, how are they doing it? Do we even know how long this poll will be up?

Rather than even clicking on vote, just keep refreshing the results page by hitting f5, it still adds votes and is easier and faster.

10000 w00t w00t keep it going

That was incredible, once we got to 10,000 they just stopped, maybe they realized it was futile?

they were probably botting it. stupid geeky underwater hockey peoples.

they’re going up like 5 per second… crazy

“called umx or all terrain uni”


they have retreated from the field of battel!