Voodoo Unicycles on TV!

Hey guys and girls,

Jason Auld, Leo Hawkes and myself of Voodoo Unicycles, spent yesterday in Sheffield filming a piece for Channel 5 show, Live from Studio Five. We were worried that they were going to make it look really circusy, but we were pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Heres the film:


Great stuff. They did do a good job of keping it away from the circus type of element.

Thanks for sharing.

Great job, that news reporter really learned quick!:smiley:

The rainbow cap is special!:):)Nice vid!

Awesome! Good job you guys! :smiley:

Fantastic coverage!!!
Well done fellas!

haha I loved when Peter “had” a go :stuck_out_tongue:

nice xD

Way to represent! Fun to watch too. Was that rocky muni part some stock voodoo footage? I swear I’ve seen that.

They didn’t show any mistakes whatsoever. Weren’t there any?

Way to go. Sweet little TV spot. I love seeing things like that.

That was one of the more awesome tv interviews I’ve seen on unicycling.

Great work.

that was one rocking beanie. and wat did they mean “oh it looked dangerous riding down that cliff”. yea, it would b dangerous to ride down a cliff lol blonde :roll_eyes:

so which of u guys got to switch clothes with the reporter?

btw that was awsome! really good for the sport, well done guys!

hahahaha … really cool piece. Nicely put together, and some cool riding. Nice one guys !! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
The cameraman, Adam was really good and pretty much let us have free reign over what shots we took. He has experience of filming extreme sports, so knew exactly the type of look we were going for.
It was me that dressed up as Peter. I was the closest height and build to him. I thought that bit would come out really blatant and obvious but the way they cut it doesn’t look too bad.
We gave them a dvd with some of our recent videos on it, and they used a few clips from there too.

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Nice work gents.