Voodoo Unicycles - King of the Road 2011

Hey everyone,

Some of you may have already heard of “King of the Road”.
The KOTR contest takes 4 teams of pro skaters, gives them a book of challenges, and gives them 2 weeks to travel across the country and complete as many goals as they can, and now Voodoo is bringing it to Unicycling!

The contest will take place the weekend of the freestyle workshop and Street/Trials ride being held in Stockton, UK on 19th and 20th of February giving you the chance to complete some challenges on the road to Stockton and others in and around Stockton.

There is no limit on the number of teams who can enter but each team should have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 6. Teams will complete a list of challenges, each worth points. Some challenges will be skill related, others just pure lunacy and completely unrelated, so don’t enter if you’re not willing to go a bit mental. The team with the most points at the end will be crowned Voodoo Unicycles, King of the Road Champions!

The challenge lists will be sent to each team 24 hours before the contest starts. Each challenge must be documented on film, a HD camera if possible to ensure consistently high quality. The resulting footage will be used to make a video of the competition as a whole. We expect this to be quite low key but if it is a success, we will hold a far larger version on the road to BUC.

International teams are encouraged! Come over for the Flatland and freestyle workshops and take part in this contest!

If you are interested, send your team names, team members and an email address that the challenge list can be sent to, before midnight on 17th February 2011, to info@voodoounicycles.com.

Who will be the first ever Voodoo Unicycles, Kings of the Road?

We’ll see you there!
Love, Team Voodoo

Opps! Put this in the wrong section by mistake. My apologies!

Hey guys, so the weekend was a total hit, I think all teams had great fun taking part.
Here is the first video of Team Nosh who came in 4th place. Unfortunately they had camera troubles and they assure us that they had much more footage but it was lost. Better luck next year guys.


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Part two in Voodoo Unicycles “King of the Road” series. It’s 3rd place for Team 1UP or Cameron Peacock. This kid is an up and coming rider and the effort he put in to come 3rd place almost single handedly was amazing. Please watch, comment and enjoy.
Keep your eyes open for the next installment of Voodoo’s “King of the Road”. With 2nd and 1st up for grabs now, it’s starting to get interesting.


I’ve got three grandchildren and a Hoppley 12" .
Now I’ve got a vid to inspire them!!
Splendid stuff Cambo.
Now, Where can I get a truck?

f…cking sony

“Dieses Video enthält Content von Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.
Das tut uns leid.”

Vimeo? Yes:)
Unicycle TV? Yes:)
Youtube NO! :angry:

Well done 3rd place, eh? 41?! Wow!

The penultimate episode of Voodoo Unicycles’ “King of the Road” series is here. The Bosses came in runners-up in 2nd place but managed to produce a great video in the process. Personally, this is our favourite video so far.

Comment on it, share your opinions, we’d love to hear them.


best so far! really enjoyed that. :slight_smile:

very, very nice!!

in our version we’ve got some similar challenges, without knowing what your callenges are, thats funny! :slight_smile:

Aaahhahahaha His ass…On Fire!! :astonished:
I’ve loved watching all 3 videos so far and i’m looking forward to the winning vid.
That kid that came 3rd is an inspiration, good on him.
I wonder what crazy stuff the winners have done :thinking:
Keep it up all you lunies out there!

Hey guys,

Glad you’ve been enjoying the series :slight_smile:
Heres a Vimeo link for anyone that can’t see the Youtube version for whatever reason.


Awesome series! Hahaha some real funny videos, also great stuff from Cameron Peacock!

King of the Road, was awesome to do really had fun, all videos so far are great