Vlog: I Signed a YouTube Contract

I just made a HUGE commitment guys! A huge commitment to myself and this unicycling community. Join me on this journey and let’s make unicycling big and build more recognition for this awesome sport!
This is my commitment to the unicycling community and to myself. Please share your thoughts and opinions, thank you everyone.


Loving your work Jack!

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Good on you Jack – you can uni-flip down a set of stairs so this should be no problem! :wink:


I’ve often thought the way to make it big would be to get some serious celebrities to be seen doing it.

I am a fan of MotoGP racing and have tried to encourage some of them but to no avail. These men have the physical and gymnastic skills and senses to pick up unicycing in minutes.

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Haha, I like the commitment!

I have renamed the thread and moved it into the videos subcategory though as less descriptive and somewhat clickbait-y titles somewhat go against one of the benefits of this forum platform making things easily accessible and searchable.


I’m all for making unicycling big. 36" should just be a start. We need a pneumatic 42" or 48" and someone like Terry to take it offroad and hop it up a long flight of stairs.


I’m waiting for Jack’s video title “I bought a 36er”…


I’d love to see @JackSebben_Unicyclist uniwhip a 36er!


“4468 days to land this trick!”

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Thanks again Dino! Always looking out for you here in these comments man :slight_smile:

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That’s alotta days! haha

Whipping bigger wheels is definitely on my list for the future :wink:

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Hahaha I love this comment, great play on the words man haha

Thanks Mowcius. I will start moving videos to the videos thread now. Thanks for the suggestion man.

I’m really trying to push it out to more people and make it feel more possible and accessible for everyone. Not just some super crazy enigma.

Thanks for the supportive words DrD! This is gonna be a rough but fun journey.

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