Visiting San Francisco. Any riders here?

Hey guys! Its been a super long time since I’ve posted, I wonder if anyone remembers me or if any of my old friends are still coming here.

I’m visiting a friend in San Francisco and during the days while hes at work I’m kind of just wandering around. I was wondering if there are any riders here in SF who may be free.

If anyone has a spare 36er and would like to go for a ride sometime this week, that would be really cool! I have access to a trials uni though so if theres any street/flat/trials riders that would be fun too. I’ve got my camera too so photos/videos are a possibility.

I look forward to hearing from anyone!

Heres a Coker video I posted months ago:


Hey Brian:) How long you in town for?
I could prob come down. I can’t ride much though (broke one of my braces :frowning: ), but I could b*ke w/ you guys.

Tholub and the Berkley unicycle club play B-ball every Tuesday, and have a Muni ride this Sunday and next Saturday.

Corbin, the Hoovers, etc. get together in the south bay (usually closer to Santa Cruz), but they have come up here on occation.

Yeah, Nathan’s your best bet for a spare Coker, but he’s a good ways away from San Francisco. Berkeley is accessible via BART for basketball tonight or MUni this weekend if you’re still around.

Hey guys,
I will come over on June 16 to live in Burlingame for a year as an Au-Pair. I will take my 20" trials with me and would like to meet some riders during my freetime. Do you have any fixed times in the week you meet up? If yes, where and when, if no, how can we meet?

7:30 PM every Tuesday for uni basketball in Berkeley. Other than that, get on the mailing list (and the Santa Cruz mailing list) for weekend rides, which are common but not on a regular schedule.

There’s not a huge amount of trials riding being done around here, but there are a couple of guys hopping around.

Thank you!

How do I get on the mailing list? Just write an e-mail to the adress above? :thinking:

There are instructions on the web site; fill out the web form.