Visiting Celle


I am visiting Celle next week for work, and should be free in the evenings. Any local unicycle riders want to meet up for a ride? I can bring my muni or road uni, depending on what’s most suitable.

(Excuse my lack of German, but heres the Google translate version of what I wrote…does it make sense in German?)

Ich besuche Celle nächste Woche für die arbeit, und sollte frei in den abendstunden. Etwaige lokalen einrad fahrer treffen wollen für eine fahrt? Ich kann meine muni bringen oder Straße uni, je nachdem, was am besten geeignet.

Send me a PM if you live around Celle and want to ride!



i think celle is a blank spt in muni germany.
haven’t heard of anynody close.
caould offer a ride in kassel - an hour of fast car driving south of celle.
but maybe to far off for an after work ride…


Hi digger,

Thanks for replying. Bummer about no celle uni crew. Think I will take my road 29er to cruise around town, not sure i will have time to make it down your way. Maybe next time!



Uups. I just checked on Google Maps. Its close to 200km.
Maybe Celle moved up north a little :roll_eyes: … must have :smiley:

Depends how fast I drive really…