Viscount Saddle

It’s a bit strange being the first to post a review here but someone had to do it. I’ve only got a basic unicycle but I do a lot of trials and that sort of thing. After a few days the plastic guards on my viscount saddle broke off. I’m sure many of you have also experienced this. But all I had to do was replace those screws with some that may have been slightly bigger (I’m not sure because I didn’t do it) and I haven’t had any more problems. Duct tape will work the same way but it won’t look as good.

The saddle doesn’t have any lift handles or anything but it’s really comfortable and really strong after you’ve made this adjustment. After dropping this saddle many times onto the road, all the leather is in one piece without any rips in it.

Because I haven’t tried any other saddles, you may not want to go only by my opinion but it’s a start. I’d rate this Viscount saddle 7/10.

Here’s a photo…

viscount saddle.jpg

same with me

I have a viscount. The seat guards fell off also.

me to

me to and im trying to biuld a custom handle for my viscount .

any suggestion?

How wide is the viscount saddle?

I found the back of the Viscount saddle is wider than the miyata or Velo. While it didn’t make any difference when riding, it made learning anything with the seat out in front more difficult. With the miyata sliding the seat out was easy; with the viscount it required a bit more effort to pull the seat forwards.

Phil, just me

How about…you start trying to catch the seat before it hits the ground every time you fall. If you can’t help but let it fall at times I understand…but geeeez! You shouldn’t be breaking the seat in just a couple of days! I also have a Viscount saddle, and I also do trials, but I don’t wreck my unicycle…my precious unicycle…

I fixed the bumper problem on my uni with some bolts and nuts I picked up at the hardwear store. I used wider threaded screws before hand but they only lasted slightly longer.

In order to put the nuts into place under the metal flap that the screws go into I had to remove a little bit of foam. YES there is actually metal where the screws go. Then I used 14 gauge screws and lock nuts… I think it might have been thiner and put the nut under the metal flap and then screwed in the bolt. This has worked really well and my bumper is now secured really well and is not comming off ever again unless I want it to.