viscount saddle question.

yea, I’m wondering, how hard is it to install a reeder handle onto a viscount saddle? how much flex is there when you do it?

also, would a KH seatcover/foam fit on a viscount base?


You should check out this thread. pdc wrote the steps he did to put a kh handle on one.

What is the seat going to be used for? If you are using it for flatland then don’t get a reeder. I will be switching mine out soon. If its for muni then its good.

The base is steel so I doubt it would flex much if at all. I don’t have one though.

I don’t know about the stock kh foam but you could modify it for sure and the cover will fit.

What was that for? Can you not wait an hour for an answer? The thread was still on top so a bump wouldn’t make sense…

I’d probbly use it for muni and trials. for street/ flatland I migth switch on my nimbus gel.

is anyone selling a used right handed reeder?

I will trade you mine for your kh frame:)

let me think about that…


I might have some stuff to trade for it if you want.

also, how bad is the reeader for unispins and leg arounds ect?

does it really get in the way that much?

It is not ideal. If you successfully land the stuff you usually don’t have a problem with it. A missed unispin can send it flying into your thigh (ankle for miles). Your leg can get caught up on it with leg arounds too. It is good for big street (rolling hops and stuff) but not good for techy flatland or stuff like that. I think it is one of the best handles for muni though (not counting deathgrip;))

I might consider trading something for it. What do you have to trade?

If you want more info on messing with a viscount check out the link in my sig, or drop me a pm.

And yes a KH cover fits and so does kh foam with a bit of trimming.

some used snafus with a brand new set of pedal protectors. um, a KH fusion saddle(with comfy foam) that I don’t really want to give you.

Nah thats ok, used snafus aren’t really worth anything, I have 2 sets of them too. I hate plastic bases.