viscount handle ( how to biuld one)

im trying to biuld a custom handle for my viscount .

any suggestion?

good luck!
is it really worth the hassle?
i’d just build a better handle for the Miyata (or just buy a velo KH)

look at the reeder handle my son, it is a beautifull thing.
a few people have built reeder type handles before.
you can also fit a regular reeder handle on a viscount seat.

on the other hand if you like the miyata handles, then go and find yourself a cnc milling machine.

Now where did I put it, I’m sure I left it around here somewhere… forget my own head next… I was using it just the other day! Maybe it’s fallen down the back of the sofa…

Phil, just me

Steve Howard posted a procedure for mounting his Kinport handle on a Viscount seat WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE!!!

I think I’ve seen a procedure for mounting a Reeder handle on the Viscount somewhere. U-Turn and Jeff Lutkus have both done a Viscount handle addition of some kind. I’ll bet George Barnes has done it. Just do some more searching.


Many people have put Reeder type handles on Viscount seats. I personally have used self tapping screws on several seats, screwing into the base from the bottom of the saddle. Muni Militia leader Mojoe has bolted all the way through his Viscount saddle and put duct tape over the bolt heads. Pictures of both options can be found here.