Viscoelastic foam as seat padding?

Has anyone used viscoelastic foam (also called slow-memory foam) as padding for a unicycle seat?




I haven’t. But, I sleep on it.

I don’t think it’s what you want, Cuz it’s not really ‘cushiony’ after it’s ‘formfitted’.
(IE: conformed to your weight)

It’s elastisity isnt really quik to rebound from wieght either.

So, I’d stick to a more ‘firm’ foam rubber.

I sleep on it too. And I loooooove it. I have thought about it too. But as DD said earlyer it shouldn´t be very comfy.

It would be ggod to but maybe an 1 inch layer on top of an non doubled over airseat… i might try that

While at a furniture store on Saturday I noticed that some of the higher-end matresses use various layers of stuff. One of the layers was a 2" thick bit of viscoelastic foam. That started me thinking about using it on top of regular foam (mattress pad) or to smooth the top of an airseat.

I agree that if it was the only padding it might compress into a hard, crotch-shaped brick of foam. But, used in conjunction with other materials might make for a really comfy ride.

Only problem is that I have been unable to find small bits of the stuff. The smallest I can find in the desired density is a $49 pillow.

Maybe I’ll get a twin sized matress pad and have plenty to spare.

On a related thought, is there a generally agreed upon “best” seat covering material?



I sleep on a futon but no havnt tried that stuff

I was thinking about trying that type of memory foam in my air seat. My air seat has an innertube in a pillow with a layer of foam on top.

But I had my doubts that it would work very well. And it was very expensive foam. It was too expensive to experiment with on something that I didn’t think was going to work out very well. Foam that has more structure to it seems to do better in the air seat.

Well, you can check here:
and get a free sample of the stuff and try that.

I know this is a pretty old thread but since I have professional know-how and help from my dad about this special subject I will write a few words.

The viscoelastic foam (Tempur) was developed by NASA, but comercially widely spread by a swedish company called Fagerdala, and is now produced in Denmark. My dad worked for Fagerdala for some years and thinks of himself as a specialist in the subject.

He says like stated above that the “slow-memory-foam” itself wouldnt be very comfy. But if you add another layer (about 25 mm) of closed cell PE-foam. It would be one sweet saddle.

So 25 mm PE foam in the bottom, a layer of 40 mm Tempur Memory foam on top of that and a Fusion cover, that is what I will try to make a saddle out of. The cool thing is that my father got plenty of “memory foam” in our garage so i can experiment with it almost as much as i want :sunglasses:

Expect me to write a follow up about the “memory saddle” I plan to build.