Virus Alert... Jeff Showers

Hey there,

Just a bit of an alert here. Nothing too serious. (unless you opened it!)

I’ve been getting emails, obviously trojan spawned, from Jeff Showers.
They seem to be macro viruses with a .doc plus another extension, .com
for example.

There is a txt attachment which gives the message something like “Just
thought you’d be interested in this”… the usual. And then there is the
main virus attachment.

Delete it immediately and you’ll be fine.

I don’t know what it is or does… just that my virus checker warned me…
didn’t give them a second thought and just trashed them.

Hope you can solve it Jeff. Good Luck. Think about where you may have
gotten it from and warn them if they don’t already know.

You should warn everyone in your address list as well.

Christopher Grove

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