Virtual unicycling convention [Re: miyata sold out from]

>On Sun, 7 Sep 2003 18:55:54 -0500, Ken Fuchs <>

>>We can all see that your keyboard’s Shift and Caps Lock keys are still
>>broken as well. Hope you get those repaired or your keyboard replaced
>>soon! (Klaas Bil) wrote:

>Ken, something must have happened in your life recently. You quit your
>job, went in therapy, or possibly gave up /riding/ unicycles, I don’t
>know. You’re posting so much all of a sudden, even in jocular fashion.
>The posting frequency will show up in my 2003 r.s.u. statistics due
>next January.

Just a sudden public surge of unicycling obsession due to post USA,
Inc. sanctioned 2003 North American Unicycling Convention and
Championships (NAUCC).

This condition is the result of actively participating in any
international, national, regional or local organized unicycling
convention and forgetting or denying that the convention has ended.
A unicyclist with this condition, indefinitely extends that convention
via his own real unicycling activity and the virtual, never ending, convention. Some unicyclists do not need the
catalyst of a real convention to exhibit this condition; mere initial
exposure to is sufficient. In either case, the
condition appears to be an obsession to the one wheel uninitiated.


Required for emergency Shift key hack to simulate the Shift key for the
sole generation of capital letter key codes. Other key codes requiring
the Shift key can’t be generated via the Caps Lock key.

Thank you Klaas for making me realize that I suffer this wonderful
condition! The delusion of being in a unicycling convention that never


Ken Fuchs <>