Virginia unicyclist

Who owns the unicycling license plate in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Email me.
Let’s get together and ride.

Dave Critchfield

There are 13 people on the unicycling roster that are from virginia… it could be one of them:

Seeking local cyclists…

I’m from Stafford / Fredericksburg area of Virginia. I have just begun to learn riding my unicycle. I have a 20" from Cycle Designs and I only have about 7 hours of practice time. I feel like I can do it and I know what it feels like…I just can’t seem to go further than 15ft without falling off. I’m looking for others local to help me. I have a lot of determination and desire to ride. I’d like to get into making videos with local friends, too. It’s tough finding others that ride.

over the hump

I’ve been riding for 7 days after not having ridden for 25 years.

Yesterday, after not being able to go more than 100 feet, I went at least 7 times that distance

I found that once I put myself in a forward leaning position, as if I was going to fall forward, riding and balancing became much easier. It’s easier to balance when you are not having to make gross corrections.

I have to push myself forward, and let my body make the balance corrections.

I’m probably making little sense here. Stay with it.

Do a search in the forum for “Basics for riding”.


I’m from the fairfax area, which is not too far from stafford/fredricksburg. I do not however have a unicycling liscense plate.

I used to have the Virginia tag “MUNI”, but no more. I’d be more than happy to make the trip up to Fredericksburg some weekend. If you’re into off-roading, you should consider coming to pdc’s muni weekend, this weekend.

Looking for riders in Northern Virginia…

[B]This is Joey again,

I’ve tried and I’m on there. Nobody has responded me so far. I’m just looking for local riders to ride with. I’ve been riding for 6 months already and I can do a few tricks. If there is anyone out there from Fredericksburg, VA or close, please let me know! I’d like to start a local uni group. more about me at:[/B]

If you travel about an hour to Richmond you can ride with a bunch of people on the weekend of the 24th. Check the link in the post above yours for the details. I don’t think I will be there but there will be a small group going and it will be fun.

Thanks for the invite

For Hell on Wheel and everyone else,

Thank you for the invites and assistance. I’m new here on and I"m still getting use to forums. Unfortunatelly, I work on Saturdays (at Olde Towne Bicycles in Fredericksburg). I’m sure I’ll eventually be riding with the Hell on Wheel group in Richmond sometime in the near future because I’ll be going to VCU after I get my associates. Looking forward to meeting other uni-riders anywhere and anytime!!

By the way, one of my goals is to learn gliding/coasting. I know you need a flat-top fork. Am I better at learning gliding with a 20" or 24" wheel? All I’ve known is 20" and I really like the way 24" feels to ride. Are 24"s good for freestyle/flatland tricks? Just wondering. I’m considering going up, especially since I don’t have a flat-fork. Getting good at 1 leg riding but could get better. Thanks everyone for your advice! -Joey:D


Typically 20’s are preferred for freestyle stuff. you can make your round top fork one-foot-able with skateboard griptape, and hose cincher things, so that bolt part sticks out.

replys and questions…

:astonished: You know, I thought about doing something close to that. You’d laugh at all the different things I’ve tried to make my round fork into a flat one. Do you (OR ANYONE ELSE) have, or know of a site that shows how you can do this? I need to get this done.

Plus, for some reason, I can 1-leg ride well off the frame, but on my store’s flat-frame uni, I can’t seem to get my leg up on the fork w/o messing up. I’m going to need to get use to doing this if I’m going to eventually learn gliding.

:thinking: Any detailed tips on how to convert your round frame into a flat one (or something that works well)?? Also, any tips on how to get/make footplates for a BC wheel? I have some free-hub wheels, but nothing for footplates. I’m not about to go spent 100+ for something I’m going to probably kill myself on!

…so, is this “THE OFFICIAL” Virginia forum for

Wheel Size–speed Ratios

Would anyone know information on how to tell the average or average-top speed you can achieve on any given wheel size? I read that a 36" wheel can give you speeds up to 15mph, for an experienced rider. So, is there a way to tell based on wheel sizes??

I just made a BC wheel and it is really hard to stay on!!

Gliding is easier on a 24" wheel, you have more wheel momentum so I find it easier to glide on the 24". I did learn to glide, however, on a 20" trials unicycle, and then I tried gliding on the 24" and found it a lot easier.

As far as average speed…my average speed for my 36" unicycle is between 11 and 12mph on a long distance ride. I don’t think I could keep 15mph up for a 40mile ride.

Local Unicyclists…

Seriously, I am looking for MORE UNICYCLISTS!! I know a few so far. In general, I’m looking for anyone within a 40mi radus of Fredericksburg, VA. The closer, the better.

If you’re on myspace, check out my group:

I have yet to ride with another unicyclist. This spring when weather improves, you can bet I’ll be gathering up as many as possible to do stuff.

I know there are quite a few of you guys from Richmond. I hope to have the pleasure of riding with some of you when I got to VCU.

If you know anyone at all near Fredericksburg / Stafford that rides, please inform me!

Thanks everyone! ~Joey

I am right outside of Washington DC, which according to google is just under an hour’s drive to Fredericksburg, and 50 miles.

Well, we do ride almost every weekend in Richmond… Do you MUni? If there are some trails worth the drive time(Max Unius included) you could probably draw at least some of the Richmond crowd out of CVA. And Ashland isn’t too far from Fredericksburg…
When are you going to be at VCU?


Ha, wish I lived a bit closer. I think I could talk my dad into driving me down if is was an all day thing. If the ride is only like 2 hours, then it’s not really worth the drive (1 1/2-2 hours both ways. Maybe in the near future we could set up a 5-6 hour deal, then I would probably go.

EDIT: If anyone is interested, I was thinking about doing a DC trials ride sometime in the spring. If there is enough interest I would make a weekend out of it…

I think 1 1/2 hours from NOVA is being optimistic about the traffic flow…:smiley:

We’ve kicked around the idea of another MUni weekend in Richmond, or maybe in one of the outlying counties, but that will probably wait until the the weather warms up-- the wind coming off of the river is frigid, whatever the temperature is in the city, it drops 10-15F on Belle Isle. BUT I’d drive to F-burg for a full day on some decent trails.

Again, just name the date, and I’ll come up to F-burg. Also, check the forum now and then for posts about local or regional rides. The one Bluntrm linked comes up often. Getting any closer to gliding?

Also, don’t be afraid to post in some other threads, you know, get to know the community a little.

Found this and thought Virginia might be interested: