Virginia Creeper Trail in North Carolina

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this trail. I am thinking about doing the full 35 miles on my KH 24 muni. We are planning a trip with our outdoors group. Everyone else will be on mountain bikes. I figured the average pace of the group wouldn’t be too much faster than a unicycle (since all ages and ability levels will be biking). I could also take less frequent rests to stay with the pack. Am I crazy? I was wondering if this trail could easily be completed in the 5 and a half hours.

Thanks for your help.


I think it can be done in 4 hours at an average speed of 8-9 mph. But I know it is not all flat and I wanted to see if anyone else has completed it on a 24" unicycle.


i did it on a 24dx in 4hr

You did the entire 35 miles in 4 hours!? Impressive!

no we didnt do the whole thing our legs were buring. i was keeping up with kids on bikes

How far did you get? So you had no problem keeping up with the kids on bikes?

11mi. And I could pass kids 6-9 and keep up with kids 10-12 and most of the other people in our group stayed slow for me;)

I done 17 miles into damascus virginia on a 36" w 150’s. it was all hard pack and slightly down hill. I was riding with casual bikers and it was a comfortable pace. I think you could keep up on 24" but it will will probably be a little taxing. the more uphillish part between damascus and abington would more effectivly take the 2 wheelers coasting advantage.

I have ridden the upper and lower, both ways on the upper, but on a bike. It’s essentially a gravel road on the upper with a slight downhill trend, whereas the lower is flatter, some up. It’s an old rail bed, so nothing too extreme. What’s gonna get you is the total mileage, that’s a long ways to ride on a 24". Can you borrow a 36er?

I’ve thought of doing the upper, which is a more scenic ride, but I’d do it on a 36er. Both sections would be a big bite and even with a 36er I’d be pressed to do 30miles in five hours, it is unpaved and busy, so you won’t be very fast…

How about doing the upper while the group does the lower, then if you need to bale early, I think there are some early out places down closer to town.

I think it’s totally doable; I’ve ridden similar distances, on tougher terrain, on my KH24 in around that time frame (5 1/2 - 6 hours). Just depends on your level of overall fitness and experience. What’s the furthest you’ve ridden on your KH24? Like others have said, the bigger wheel you can ride with the better off you’ll be, but sounds like a great challenge to me. Go for it!

I’ve wanted to ride my age (34) for a while so I’d be up for joining you on my 26". I can maintain an average speed on pavement of 8.5 mph but the farthest I have ever ridden is 12 miles in one shot. With stops, hills, fatigue and extra bike traffic, I would probably allow 6 hours for myself to go the 35 miles.

Another rails to trail ride in Virginia that I have considered is the New River Trail. It’s about the same distance from Raleigh as the Virginia Creeper Trail. It’s 57 miles long with multiple in points and out points, a couple of tunnels and lots of old RR bridges.