Vincent from toque or anybody else. please put me up for OUI, can't afford hotel.

hey all you saviors, GOd bless you.

n e ways. I’m lookin for a place to stay for OUI, and of copurse my parental units are bneing sort of a drag, not about money but about staying with people. if you could put me up I’ll buy you PIZZA!!! a little inscentive there. maybe jamie if you read this we could go down together and stay in the same persons house, cauyse me parents are saying the good old “what if’s” lucky me. SO if we connect now and talk online my parents would be way less of a pain. oh yeah I can speak french (sort of/ un peux mais pas si bien que je peux comprondre tous les chose que vous dix, si vous parle vit) Ya!!! so if you live in the ottawa area and don’t mind an extra body around for a weekend paleeeeease help me out. thanks